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Lenovo 3000 v100 Mandriva Linux 2007 – full status report

So I worked some more on the laptop and I think I can now give a pretty comprehensive overview of everything. To recap from my first post, this is for a Lenovo 3000 V100 C5U. The stuff that works out of the box on Mandriva Linux 2007 (any version, don’t need commercial stuff) with no […]

Laptop update

So, today’s update on the laptop: I solved wireless. It seems with ndiswrapper 1.21 the trick is that you have to ‘install’ the Windows driver _on every boot_. This was clearly far too much effort, so I just built and installed ndiswrapper 1.28 instead. It seems to be fine, though it does take about a […]

Laptop reportage

So, here’s the inevitable ‘setting up the new system’ post! Just as a reminder (and for Google), this is about my new Lenovo 3000 V100 laptop on Linux, more specifically Mandriva Linux 2007.0. It’s the C5U submodel (this is important as the wireless chipset and CPU differ between submodels). The good stuff – most things […]

More new!

So to go with the new laptop (and to really finish off the rest of my savings…), I picked up a new monitor. I’ve been working on an LG T710BH 17″ CRT for a while now. As 17″ CRTs go it’s a nice display, but it’s still just a 17″ CRT. Like laptops, displays have […]

In with the new, out with the old

So, I done bought me a new laptop. It’ll be a bit of a struggle to afford, but I do need a new one; my beloved old Sony C1XD has served me well for the last five years but it’s really just too slow to use seriously any more. I considered upgrading the RAM and […]

/backports is open for business

In news that I can’t quite figure out where to report, it’s nice to note that we opened the /backports media for 2007 /main and /contrib today. (Also opened were /contrib/testing and /contrib/updates ). This means there’s finally a simple way for packagers to build and users to get backported packages for stable releases, where […]


So I did it – set up a Flickr account, that is. Photos will live there from now on, until they turn evil and attempt to take over the world. Ah, outsourcing…I feel evil.

Contacts server?

Lazyweb, O lazyweb. I was struck today by the notion it would be quite neat to share my address book between Evolution running on my desktop, Evolution running on my laptop, and the roundcube webmail system. A bit of basic Googling suggests I could probably do this via OpenLDAP, but it looks like using a […]

VMware time loss and Mandriva

Here’s a little thing I came across while doing my new mail / web server setup. After I got both servers up and running I realised they were suffering from a problem I’d noticed before with VMware machines I’d run but which had never really been a major issue: their clocks lost time rapidly, about […]


So I successfully migrated the web server to a virtual machine today. Unfortunately I’m going to make the Gallery a casualty of the /home wipeout and the move; all Gallery’s actual data was stored in /home. I still have all the original pictures, they were stored elsewhere, but I just don’t feel like recreating everything […]