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Post-2007 Spring

So, very happy with the positive response to 2007 Spring so far. Even had some good responses from the Ubuntu forums, which is more than I dared hope for. Hoping to see some good press soon which will sustain interest in the new release. On my front, I fixed hydrogen (a drum machine app) for […]

Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring released

So, 2007 Spring is out. It’s a good release. Lots of nice stuff. Lots of fixed stuff. And almost everything release-related is sane: the mirrors are up, the torrents are up, the news went out properly. All good. Having a bit of trouble with the Club Commercial media, but hey, if that’s the only problem, […]


So, that was nice and smooth: a couple of urpmi –auto-select and this webserver and my mailserver are running 2007.1 (Spring). Will probably be more difficult to do that on a full desktop system, but it worked very nicely on the stripped down install I use for servers. Very hopeful for Spring in general. The […]