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So, after today’s baseball, the only thing I have to say is… go Red Sox. Mets? Mets? Who are they? They play ball?

Making stuff work

It’s fun to make stuff work. I just verified that with current Cooker, I can synchronize a bunch of contacts from a Blackberry (Curve) to a Windows Mobile device (HTC Apache, running WM 6.1) and it all works. Phone numbers, email addresses, everything shows up right. Sure, this all relies on a messy hack to […]

Synchronization in 2009: what’s new, what’s good, what’s not so good

First things first, the eye candy: here’s a video showing off how to synchronize with a Windows Mobile 5+ device (with GNOME) in Mandriva Linux 2009. So today I finally got a 2009 test install on my clean testbed machine (long story), which meant I could get down to testing synchronization in a clean environment. […]

Beat that, Windows

It’s nice when something you worked on becomes practically useful 🙂 My partner works in a cellphone store, so he gets lots of shiny new demo hardware. Right now he just got an HTC Touch Diamond (pretty nice phone actually) for two months. The phone he uses regularly is a Blackberry Curve. So he needed […]