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Bye bye

Well, I was rather expecting this after reading Vincent’s blog this morning (and to be honest, doing some basic mental arithmetic on our recent financial results), but I have been told that as of December 31st, I’ll no longer be working for Mandriva, as all external contractors are being canned. I’ve had a great time […]

Thanks, Albert

Hugely insightful football commentary on ESPN, after a dropped pass: “And that…is a touchdown…if he is able to catch that pass…and get into the end zone…” Gee, ya THINK? Glad I got these geniuses commentating or I wouldn’t know what was going on.

A very Canadian American election night…

So I’ve got a pizza, six bottles of Okanagan Spring and six of Granville Island, and the TV flipping between NBC and the Canucks game. I studied American history as part of my degree, and I’m amazed, pleased and impressed that, at this time in its history, the country has chosen Senator Obama. I don’t […]