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More fiddling: bitlbee

So my heroic quest not to do anything useful at all continued today with the discovery of Bitlbee, thanks to several other Fedora / RH people. Bitlbee is yet another proxy, essentially; it proxies your IM traffic. Its special trick is that it not only proxies it, but converts it into IRC – it acts […]

The ultimate rack mount solution

On the topic of my idly-expressed rack mount desires, I am deeply indebted to Yaakov Nemoy for pointing out the following piece of massive awesomeness: the LackRack It’s a great idea, but an even better web page. I love the ‘enterprise edition’ coffee table. 🙂

Bip: IRC proxying

Continuing my heroic quest to avoid doing any actual work, I’ve just set up another Neat Geek Convenience for myself: Bip. Bip is an IRC proxy server. For the uninitiated, that just means Bip connects to IRC and you connect to Bip and relay everything through. This provides a couple of things I’ve wanted for […]

Damn you, Google

Once again I must curse Google for being so good. I try so hard not to let them get their tentacles everywhere, but damn… I like to keep my cellphone and computers in sync (contacts and calendar mainly). I’ve written about this before; I actually became one of the few True Adepts of the synce […]

Today’s round of file format bingo: password management

So I got struck by one of my frequent itch-scratching urges… I keep my passwords in Revelation, a GNOME password manager. It’s been mostly unmaintained for years, but hey, it does what I want and works well. Occasionally I’m out somewhere and want to log in to something or other, but can’t because I don’t […]

Home again, mplayer accelerated repo update

So I am back home in Vancouver, for the next three months at least. You don’t realize how much you miss a fast quad-core desktop with dual 20″ screens until you have to work on an Atom with an 9″ screen for a month! Wish I could get something around the size of the P […]

in the snow

Sorry I haven’t been updating lately. I’m in the UK on a family visit, and for whatever reason I don’t tend to update my blog as much here. There’s nothing immediately exciting going on with Fedora QA right now, we’re in the planning stages for all the Exciting New Stuff that will come during the […]