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More n900 stuff

So I’m a week or so in on the n900 now and still liking it. I’m still fighting with sync: the Google sync via Exchange is very very flaky and seems to fall over as soon as it actually has some changed data to sync, so right now I have *no* good sync methods (how […]

Things That Make Adam Want To Stab Himself In The Face, pt. 1

eGroupware synchronization. It has this trick of getting so frustratingly close to working. Using syncevolution with my n900, I can get to the point that the sync operation from the phone happily reports success and shows 89 contacts transferred to the server…where they apparently wind up in /dev/null, because when I log in to the […]

N900 – getto!

So, I finally gave up waiting for the next generation of Meego phones, but happily I didn’t have to settle for an Android or WebOS phone: I got me a used N900, for a decent price, and I’ll be setting it up on the Mobilicity network tomorrow. That’s a new network that’s just started up […]

Good news time

In more good news, Canonical appears to be hiring two kernel hackers to work on sound and graphics stuff – this is awesome. I wish I could say I received an email from Mark Shuttleworth saying “please! please! no more of your cutting and highly influential blog posts! I’ll hire some kernel engineers!” but no, […]

New Iain M. Banks novel – Surface Detail (review)

More randomness! I just finished reading Iain M. Banks’ new(ish) book, Surface Detail – on my new ebook reader, since I managed to leave mine on a plane. Sigh. I was actually really disappointed in it, and after seeing tons of positive reviews online, thought I should lay into it like the miserable contrarian bastard […]

I believe in beginner’s luck

I’ve been interested in poker for a while, though I’ve never played; I watch quite a lot of it on TV, it’s a fascinating intersection between scary math and psychology. So I figured I’d give one of those online sites a shot, the play-money ones. You get $1,000 of fake money to start with; I […]

Raaaaaaawwwhide! (rolling rolling rolling)

A couple of days back I decided a week was plenty long enough to be running a boring, stable OS like Fedora 14 on my desktop and decided to upgrade it to Rawhide instead. I’ve never gone to Rawhide this early in a Fedora cycle before (though I used to run Cooker permanently when I […]

Web 0.1 (or, How to Stop Worrying and Keep All Your Data)

So I was just reading Jono’s Unity commercial^H^H^H^H^Hpost about his desktop :), and it reminded me of a post I wanted to write. I run a lot of the same stuff on my desktop as Jono does – particularly Evolution (like Jono, I think Evo has got a very unfair bad rap, but I think […]

on glorious leaders

So, some meta-thoughts on the whole Wayland-Ubuntu thing. On one level, I think it’s all rather silly. It’s funny how many blog posts and even news articles on reasonably respected sites pop up praising Mark’s ‘courage’ and ‘vision’ – this for, remember, an announcement that the distribution sponsored by his company wants to use a […]

Public Service Announcement

Well, something like this could always do with more publicity. EDIT: the link doesn’t seem to work right for at least me and one other reader, but it’s definitely the right link: I think there’s something wrong on Noirin’s end, sorry about that. If it doesn’t work for you – if it takes you to […]