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BrowserID login now available

There’s now a BrowserID plugin for WordPress, so I installed it. I have a couple of nits with the design of BrowserID, but I think it’s a great fit for a pretty low-value site like this, where all I’m really verifying is that you have an email address anyway. I did an ugly job of […]

Bye, Google+

I just deleted the Google account I’d associated with Google+. I mean, really, the scariness gets to a certain level at some point and…ick. I still have a couple of test accounts, but there’s nothing useful in any of them. I won’t be on Google+, well, ever, so far as I can see things going. […]

Being a dickwad on the Internet – the importance of perceived identity value in online interactions

(Thanks to Penny Arcade’s Internet Dickwad Theory for the title idea.) I wrote at some length about online identity recently. Today I saw an article by Tim Adams about abusive and trollish behaviour on the internet, which made an attempt to relate it to the idea of ‘online anonymity’. This rather frustrated me, because I […]

Boot times

While I’m dumping thoughts from CLS, Dan Allen had a great thought on boot / startup times which he mentioned while he was showing me the awesome work his team had been doing on optimizing the startup time of JBoss AS7. Quite a few people have pointed out that a startup time of a minute […]

I gots the tweeties

Yep, as mentioned last time, I decided at CLS it was really probably time to get a twitter account. So, now I’m on Twitter as @AdamW_Fedora and as adamwfedora. I’ll be using these just for Fedora-related stuff (hence the domain-specific account names), probably mostly QA news, so if you’re into that kinda thing, feel […]

CLS: day #2

So I’m back at my hotel room very late after the second day of CLS, and it’s been a really great event. It’s the first time I’ve been here, but others have told me it’s grown a lot from last year, and there have been a lot of really useful sessions. It’s been great to […]

CLS: day 0

I’m here at CLS – the Community Leadership Summit – in Portland. We’re just doing the session proposals, but the event has already more than paid for itself in the joyous spectacle of a moderately drunken Jono refusing to accept that you can’t walk through the drive-thru. Pictures will follow!

Lukashenko: the Gord of Zen

What is the sound of one hand clapping? According to Alexander Lukashenko, it’s you’re nicked, sonny…

random note

I think it was some time in the last two years that Friends suddenly hit that magic sitcom horizon where it stops looking like it could have been filmed last year and started looking really, really old…

Where’s Adam?

Meanwhile, in travel news… Next weekend, 2011-07-23 and 2011-07-24, I shall be in Portland at the Community Leadership Summit, where I’m hoping to give my talk on lessons learned in Fedora QA (I say ‘hoping to’ because it’s an unconference; if no-one wants to listen to my talk I’ll go to someone else’s!) The attendee […]