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Logic flaw?

From this story about the police arresting some kids with blacked-out pellet guns: “These toy guns look realistic to us as police officers, especially at night, and especially when the orange muzzles have been blackened out. We can’t tell the difference. And if we come across somebody who’s carrying a firearm like that, they are […]

Fedora 16 localization / internationalization test week starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow – Tuesday 2011-08-30 – holds the first event of Fedora 16 localization / internationalization (l10n / i18n) Test Week: desktop localization Test Day. This event will mostly be focused on checking that translations are present, working and correct for key Fedora components like the system configuration tools. Please, if you speak any language other […]

Is there a word for this?

There has to be, but I don’t know what it is, and I wish to be informed. Especially you, science-y types. So, today apparently someone came out with a study which says that CEOs with big heads are great. No, really. Now, this sort of thing happens all the time. It’s often reported as ‘having […]

Do not adjust your sets, Part 2

So, this makes diagnosis fun: * 2011-08-24: Apache 0-day DoS disclosed * 2011-08-25: Adam switches his web server to Fedora * 2011-08-25 and 2011-08-26: Adam’s web server goes unresponsive with httpd getting OOMkilled So…either there’s some bug in my Fedora setup or some skiddie decided it’d be really useful to humanity in general to DoS […]

Do not adjust your sets

Sorry if you were having trouble accessing the site for a few hours; last night my internet connection went down, and this morning I’ve been migrating the server from Mandriva to Fedora. MDV 2010.1 is going EOL, I don’t particularly trust MDV releases from 2011 on now that everyone left and went to Mageia. I […]

Half-baked idea: WIMM

Well, this is one of those ideas that seems awesome in the shower, so I figured I’d write it down before I forgot about it. If you read this blog regularly – well, see a psychiatrist, but you’ll also be aware of my various frustrations in finding a personal groupware setup which meets my own […]

Dear Lazyweb

I’m back on my ‘personal egroupware’ kick. Here’s a simplified version: can someone point me at a F/OSS to do list web app? I want one that I run on my own server, not some company which runs one for me. So, basically, Remember The Milk, but the actual server code, not just a service […]

Fedora 16 Alpha released!

Yep, today’s the day: Fedora 16 Alpha is out. Go test, my children, go test. Remember to read the release notes and common bugs too. The common bugs are especially important this time as there’s some stuff on there which will hit a lot of you, so do read it before yelling 🙂

just one ‘daily log’ post, then

just one ‘daily log’ post, to satisfy the meme and provide a flavour – I’d never be able to keep this up every day: – chair the QA meeting – news+email catch up – check in with jlaska and benl at red hat regarding qa team responsibilities – mail sriram ramkrishna some stats on F15 […]

LinuxCon 2011 Day #1

I’m here at LinuxCon 2011, in Stephen Gallagher’s talk on SSSD and FreeIPA, which I’m attending because I know jack squat about either of ’em. Con is running smoothly so far, the wifi works (must be fifteen T3s in parallel humming away at the back of the hotel), and the keynotes were interesting – Jim […]