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Fedora 17 Alpha released!

As a note – I know I’ve been blogging less recently. I’m finding that being the QA team lead kind of changes my approach to things and I just wind up blogging about stuff less. I keep meaning to make an effort to do it more but it never quite comes together. So sorry about […]

Go LibreOffice!

A propos of nothing in particular, I just wanted to echo Jono in giving it up to LibreOffice. Ever since the fork everyone involved with LO has done fantastic work on both the coding and community building side; I’d say they’re a great model for how such a large F/OSS project should work. The substantial […]

PSA: Attention News Sites

Hello, CNNs, CBCs, BBCs and so forth of the world! I am visiting your web site through a web browser. Its primary interface is text. I am doing this because I wish to read things. I do not wish to see fifteen interesting headlines linked from your front page, all of which turn out to […]