So, time to cover everything in one post… Kat: I had a nice email exchange with Kat’s author, who was understandably miffed at me for ripping his baby and made it clear that he doesn’t think of Kat as a simple desktop search application but as a framework which will eventually pervade KDE. I’m happy […]

holy cow

Eyechart just nearly hit a home run. I nearly fell out of my chair in shock…


Well, Cooker had the Apache default package swapped from 1.3 to 2.0 and PHP from 4 to 5, something changed in the Apache config file and stopped the server running. Ah well. Back up now. Might be down overnight occasionally in the next few weeks, the cable network is being upgraded. Saw the Mets win […]

phantom out

Know my biggest bugbear with baseball umpiring? The phantom out at second base. David Wright got called out for interference on a wide slide at second base in the game against the Braves today; on the merits it was a fair call, he was a couple of feet wide of the base making his takeout […]


So, Damien orders me to write about baseball in my blog, so write I must! Just saw my first Mets game of the season, having carefully avoided the first five losses, and I have this to say – Pedro Martinez is God. A two-hit, one-run complete game against the Braves is great pitching under any […]