Looking for new maintainer for Fedora / EPEL ownCloud packages

So I’ve been maintaining ownCloud for the last little while. Unfortunately I sat down today to try again and update the package to the latest upstream (8.1.1), and somewhere in the second hour of insanely stupid PHP autoloader code, I just snapped. I can’t take this crap any more. I only personally really needed OC […]

Post-F22 plans

Hi, folks! I’ve been away on vacation for a few weeks, but I’m back now – if you’d been holding off bugging me about something, please commence bugging now. Of course, I have a metric assload of email backlog to dig out from under. I’ll probably have lots more on the list fairly soon, but […]

LinuxFest NorthWest 2015, ownCloud 8 for stable Fedora / EPEL

LinuxFest NorthWest 2015 As I have for many of the last few years, I attended LinuxFest NorthWest this year. It’s been fun to watch this conference grow from a couple hundred people to nearly 2,000 while retaining its community-based and casual atmosphere – I’d like to congratulate and thank the organizers and volunteers who work […]

Fedora 22 Alpha, Ipsilon Test Day, openQA progress, and ownCloud status

Fedora 22 Alpha The big news this week is definitely that Fedora 22 Alpha is released! We even managed to ship this one on time, though as it’s an Alpha, it is of course not bug-free. For me the nicest thing about Fedora 22 is all the improvements in GNOME 3.16, which Alpha has a […]

ownCloud 8.0.0 preliminary testing for Fedora 21 / 22

Hey folks! For any ownCloud’ians out there; I worked some more on the OC 8 packages for Fedora today and I think they’re in reasonably testable shape now. I just updated my production deployment and it worked first time. IMPORTANT: back up really, really carefully before testing these out. They should work, but I want […]

ownCloud 8 and Fedlet 22(?) updates

Hi there folks! Between testing and working on my current work-related-ish pet projects fedfind and python-wikitcms/relval, I haven’t had much time for Fedlet or the ownCloud package lately. However, I finally managed to squeeze in a few hours to work on them this week. Fedlet The Fedlet repository now has a 3.20-pre kernel build that […]

ownCloud 8.x preview packages for Fedora Rawhide

Oh hey there, good lookin’ – are you on the hunt for some instability in your life? Well look no further, I’ve got just the thing for you. I’ve got a very experimental ownCloud 8 git snapshot repo up, mainly for me to use in working on the OC 8 packages. At present it’s only […]

Adventures in PHP web asset minimization

When I’ve had time for ‘side projects’ lately I’ve mostly been working on preparing the ground for ownCloud 8 in Fedora, trying to get out ahead of upstream changes and package new library dependencies. ownCloud’s web asset minification Today I wound up looking at OC’s new web asset minification stuff. A few releases back OC […]

wikitcms and ownCloud stuff

For my salary this week I mostly worked on relval/wikitcms – I shipped 1.7 yesterday which is a major rewrite, on top of recent updates which added support for nightly build testing. relval nightly can create the validation pages for nightly composes, relval report-results can report results in them, and relval testcase-stats and relval user-stats […]

ownCloud news (7.0.3 coming)

I should have some good Fedlet news soon (later today or tomorrow), but in the meantime, I also spent some time working on ownCloud today. ownCloud 7.0.3 has been tagged and tarballed upstream, and I’ve bumped the Fedora and EPEL 7 builds in Koji already. I have it running on my ‘test’ (that is, er, […]