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Fedora QA Wiki revamp: phase 1 complete

I’m happy to announce that phase 1 of the previously discussed QA group Wiki space revamp project is complete. You can now see the new front page and Joining in page in their final locations. I hope everyone agrees that they’re an improvement on the old model. As well as those two pages, we made […]

Revising the QA Wiki space

Well, time to start posting here about what I’m actually doing for Fedora! There’s a ton of stuff on my to-do list and lots of interesting discussions and ideas I’d like to write down, but I’ll try and stick to one thing at a time. One project we’re doing quite well with is revising the […]

Back home

Whew. So I’m back home after a very busy week in Raleigh. I had a fantastic time, actually. I met a bunch of great people there. We – that’s both ‘we’ as in the internal RH ‘Fedora QA’ people and the wider Fedora QA community – have come up with some plans that we should […]

The Kentucky Dumpster Test

Forgot to mention in the previous test – I am proud to present the first of what will no doubt be many exciting and highly useful concepts I have been lucky enough to participate in developing! Will, James, myself and Vincent (Danen) were all chatting and got on to the topic of the discussion about […]

Red Hat update

So, I am here in Raleigh sitting in James Laska’s cubicle, writing this on one of the four systems lined up on the desk next to me. 🙂 I’ve been here a couple of days now for orientation, and meeting up with some of the rest of the Fedora QA team I’ll be working with […]

Intel GMA 500 (Poulsbo) graphics on Linux: a precise and comprehensive summary as to why you’re screwed

So, poking around idly on Google this morning, I came across the interesting fact that there is, in fact, a native Linux driver for Intel GMA 500 – Poulsbo – graphics on Linux. Don’t get excited, though. It’s not like it’s actually any use. That was the summary. Here’s the gory details… As I wrote […]

Vaio P: suspend works

Quick update – after a full update of Fedora 10, suspend magically starts working on the Vaio P. Guess something got fixed in the kernel or suspend scripts. Either way, it works. Yay for that. Oh, and – hello Planet Fedora, since I seem to have managed to get myself on there now. 🙂 I’m […]

Vaio P Linux update: Fedora 10

So, an update on the Vaio P and Linux. Basically, it works, with one big caveat. I had some fun getting it to install Fedora 10 – the live CD ISO to USB converter script just didn’t seem to work right, whatever I generated would boot to a flashing cursor (on any system, not just […]


So tonight I’ve basically switched my main desktop to Fedora. I have dual Cooker and Fedora 10 installs, now, but I plan to stick with Fedora as much as I can. It was pretty easy, really – only took about two hours to make it pretty much identical to my usual desktop. Linux is Linux, […]

Job announcement

So, now I’ve checked I’m allowed to announce it. I’m happy to say that, from February 2nd, I’ll be working for Red Hat, as a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (sadly, I can’t have ‘monkey’ in my job title any more). I’ll be working under Jay Turner in the QE department. Initially I’m going to be […]