Testing FreeIPA in openQA

Here, children, gather round and let Uncle Adam tell you a story. Are you ready? Here we go! Once upon a time there were some test cases for a thing called FreeIPA. And once upon a time, two poor people called Adam and Stephen did have to run these tests manually, all the goddamn time. […]

LinuxFest NorthWest 2016

Time for another of my increasingly irregular blog posts 🙂 I was at LinuxFest NorthWest 2016 last weekend. I’ve been going to LFNW for several years now, and I look forward to it every year – it’s just a great conference, which has managed to grow to nearly 2000 registrations this year while keeping its […]

Fedora QA goings-on: Test Days, Fedora 24 Beta testing, LinuxFest NorthWest and more!

I’m on a train and I haven’t been blogging enough lately, so I figured I’d write something up! We’ve had a couple of great Test Days in the last couple of weeks: i18n Test Day and Live Media Writer Test Day. Thanks a lot to everyone who came out and tested – the attendance was […]

Fedora nightly image finder

Guess what? I wrote another new thing! Here’s what it does: it makes a page where you can easily find Fedora nightly images. Yup, that simple! Finding nightly Fedora builds has always been a bit of a pain. For quite a while we had this page, which just linked to a couple of canned Koji […]

Fedora 24 and Rawhide: What’s goin’ on (aka why is everything awful)

Hi folks! Welp, I was doing a Fedora 24 status update in the QA meeting this morning, and figured a quick(ish) summary of what all is going on in Fedora 24 and Rawhide right now might also be of interest to a wider audience. So, uh, the executive summary is: stuff’s busted. Lots of stuff […]

Pungi 4: the new generation of the Fedora compose tools, and what it means for QA

There’s a big change coming to Fedora 24. The way Fedora composes are built is changing. How do things look now Currently we have three distinct types of Fedora composes. Probably everyone knows about ‘nightly composes’ and TCs/RCs. You may not know about the post-release nightly Cloud composes. (I’m not counting the live respins, which […]

DevConf 2016: Pungi 4 and the Fedora compose / validation cycle

Hi folks! Just a quick note for anyone who might be wondering – I’ll be at DevConf 2016 in Brno next week. (I’ll also be at the mostly-Red Hat-only-I-think QEcamp event before that). I’m expecting to spend most of the time running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to talk to […]

Possible outage notice

Hey folks! Power’s down here at Happyassassin Towers. My servers are on UPS for now, but if the outage goes on for more than an hour or so I’ll have to take them down to preserve the remaining UPS power to keep the internet connection up (so I can at least use my laptop). So […]

Fedora openQA now public

Well, I don’t know about everyone else, but this is a beautiful sight to me! As I’ve written about before, we’ve been using openQA for some time in Fedora testing – many thanks to the great folks over at openSUSE who work hard on it. It started as a sort of ad-hoc, skunkworks project, so […]

FreeIPA upgrade to Fedora 23 should be OK now

For anyone who didn’t catch it: FreeIPA upgrades to Fedora 23 should be OK now. See the edited version of the previous post for details.