drivel test

Testing Drivel – did I finally find a working blog poster?


Well, Cooker had the Apache default package swapped from 1.3 to 2.0 and PHP from 4 to 5, something changed in the Apache config file and stopped the server running. Ah well. Back up now. Might be down overnight occasionally in the next few weeks, the cable network is being upgraded. Saw the Mets win […]

Pointless toys

So the GNOME guys are very proud of their new Nokia 770. After the initial ‘hey, that’s cool!’ wore off, though, I’m not. Why? It’s a pointless geek toy. I mean, really, really, really pointless. Sit down and ask yourself how many people you know will actually buy one of these and use it for […]


My HTPC now runs Freevo, and pretty much works. I’m quite proud of this. Here’s some tips. First of all, you need a TV card. One that works. My advice is to buy a cheap Hauppauge PCI card, WinTV branded. Not the PVR series, one of the ones with a Brooktree chip. These will work […]

Program of the day

AdamW’s program of the day: I just discovered ‘htop’. Have you ever been a bit frustrated at how top doesn’t do really, really, really obvious things, like scrolling when you press the arrow keys? You’re not alone. Get htop – it does all the stuff anyone with half a brain expects top to do the […]

GNOME idea of the day

I’ve been stewing on this one for a while, but here’s a constructive suggestion instead of a rant. Since around 2.6 or so, GNOME has started to suffer from Windows 98 disease. A GNOME desktop running a decent amount of modern GNOME-y apps tends to have a system tray (sorry, ‘notification area’) full of crap. […]


It’s good to know The Register’s skills in turning a phrase and knifing Kevin Warwick have not declined over the years… “[Kevin] Warwick is to cybernetic research what Hello Kitty is to animal husbandry…” From this story.

please stand by

Access might be a little intermittent right now, there’s a cable problem in our area. Stand by!


Upgraded the site to WordPress 1.5.1, went nice and smoothly. The bears are coming tomorrow. It’s a promise.

busy busy busy

Longer post still on its way, I promise! It’s all go around here. Both of my jobs are crazy busy and still busy showing the parents Vancouver at its finest, so haven’t had much time to spare. Of course, I picked up Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee for my PSP a few days ago and […]