Test Days

Fedora 23 l10n Test Day: 2015-08-18 and NetworkManager Test Day: 2015-08-20

Hi folks! So the Fedora 23 Test Day schedule is swinging into gear next week, with the l10n Test Day. l10n is localization: for the test day, the goal is to check the ‘availability and accuracy’ of translations for several of Fedora’s major desktop applications. If you’re proficient in any language besides English, it would […]

Fedora 23 Alpha and more

Hi folks! So what’s new? Fedora 23 Alpha Well, the big news is that Fedora 23 Alpha is released today. This was definitely a bit of a ‘don’t look in the sausage factory!’ release during the validation / approval process, but in the end it’s pretty much a standard Alpha. It mostly works fine. As […]

Fedora 23 call for Test Days

Bit late blogging about this, but roshi sent out the Fedora 23 Call for Test Days at the end of June. We’ve been a bit light on Test Days for the last few cycles, focusing on release validation testing, but we’d love to put that right this time around! If you’re interesting in having a […]

Testdays: an app for dealing with Test Day wiki pages

Just wanted to quickly announce another app in the ever-growing wikitcms/relval conglomerate: testdays. testdays is to Test Day pages as relval is to release validation pages: it’s a CLI app for interacting with Test Day pages, using the python-wikitcms module. Right now it only does one thing, really – generates statistics. You can’t (yet?) use […]

GNOME Software / Apper Test Day on Thursday

The last of the scheduled Fedora 22 Test Days will happen this Thursday: GNOME Software / Apper Test Day. We’ll be testing out the graphical software managers for the two main Fedora desktops, GNOME and KDE. Note the wiki page is incomplete right now – I’ll be filling it out with test cases and so […]

Fedora 22 Beta, and FedUp Test Day

It’s yet another busy week in the world of Fedora QA! Tomorrow the Fedora 22 Beta will be released. Despite the apparently ever-expanding set of deliverables (images and such), we’ve only had one week of delays in the 22 schedule so far, this Beta release coming a week late. The bug we didn’t manage to […]

ABRT and virtualization Test Days this week!

This week in Fedora QA we have two Test Days! Today (yes, right now!) is ABRT Test Day. There are lots of tests to be run, but don’t let it overwhelm you – no-one has to do all of them! If you can help us run just one or two it’ll be great. A virtual […]

Fedora 22 i18n Test Day today!

Sorry for the late notice, but today is i18n Test Day in Freenode #fedora-test-day! The awesome Fedora i18n folks will be around all day, testing the language support of Fedora 22 and helping out anyone else who is interested in contributing. If you’re a Fedora user and you can use a computer in a language […]

Localization and Internationalization Test Week this week!

Ahoy, Fedora testers: this week is one of our regular ‘test weeks’ with multiple related test days. This week will see the localization (l10n) and internationalization (i18n) Test Days for Fedora 22. The always-awesome l10n and i18n teams have been organizing these as usual so I haven’t been too involved, but they’re looking to be […]

Fedora 22 Alpha, Ipsilon Test Day, openQA progress, and ownCloud status

Fedora 22 Alpha The big news this week is definitely that Fedora 22 Alpha is released! We even managed to ship this one on time, though as it’s an Alpha, it is of course not bug-free. For me the nicest thing about Fedora 22 is all the improvements in GNOME 3.16, which Alpha has a […]