Today's pet peeve - why does Firefox decide to use a different definition of font sizes from every other desktop application? Its idea of a size '11' DejaVu Sans is not the same idea as every other app on my desktop, and it's making me tetchy. (Yes, Firefox's OWN DPI SETTING (and why does it have one?! GNOME having one different from the X setting is bad enough, but _Firefox_ having its own is just unforgivable. Use the damn system setting. That's what system settings are for. Or do you, Firefox, perhaps think you are running on a unique and special display that none of the rest of my system is running on?) is set the same as all my other DPI settings. Yes, I'm sure there's a much more specific technical explanation than the one I'm giving here. Firefox is using points instead of pixels or pixels instead of points or some damn thing. I don't care. It shouldn't be. Grr.