Provoked by the new desktop recorder "byzanz" and the newly renamed videoconferencing tool "Ekiga" (really, people, PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE. Yes, I know it's something clever from a language you don't speak. No, this does not make it okay.), I hereby propose the following usability improvements for GNOME 2.14: Evolution will be renamed GNOME Mail, shortened to Mail within the GNOME environment abiword > GNOME Word Processor byzanz > GNOME Desktop Recorder ekiga > GNOME Video Conferencing eog > GNOME Image Viewer epiphany > GNOME Web Browser evince > GNOME Document Viewer file-roller > GNOME Archive Manager gcalctool > GNOME Calculator gedit > GNOME Text Editor gnopernicus > GNOME Screen Reader gucharmap > GNOME Character Map metacity > GNOME Window Manager nautilus > GNOME File Manager sound-juicer > GNOME CD Ripper totem > GNOME Media Player vino > GNOME VNC Server yelp > GNOME Help Browser etc, etc, etc. Get the idea yet? Seriously. I thought you guys were supposed to be making a simple, usable desktop. Call at least the _user-facing_ applications something simple, obvious and immediately descriptive of the application's function. No, "Windows / Mac / Firefox doesn't do it" isn't an acceptable argument. This way everyone knows what a certain app DOES. No, keeping the cryptic names but using a description in the menu / window title / everywhere else isn't acceptable either; firstly it's inconsistent, and secondly usage of the cryptic name will inevitably be preserved on Bugzillas, mailing lists etc, leaving the user hopelessly confused when he goes to report a bug in "GNOME Media Player". How's he supposed to know that for the ML or bugzilla he's supposed to call it "totem"? Just give up the "I'm-smarter-and-more-socially-cohesive-than-j00!" names and use some that tell us all what we're doing, thanks.