This absolutely shocks me. People discussing religious "limits" on freedom of speech? Boycotts? Threats? I'm sorry. I do not believe in your religion, be it Islam, Christianity or any other. I'm an atheist. Your religous laws and taboos have no domain over me, or a Danish or French newspaper editor. They have an absolute legal and moral right to express their opinion of any religion in any fashion they choose, no matter how much it may piss you off, and you have to sit down and swallow it. It's one of the fundamental freedoms of a free society, and no society in which it's not allowed can be considered free by any rational standard. "Freedom of speech has its limits when it concerns others... How would it feel if Jesus Christ was the one insulted instead?", says Randa Ahmed. I don't know, Randa, why don't you ask a European Christian? European newspapers have been depicting the Christian God, and Jesus, and every saint going in cartoons for well over a century and Christians seem to have learned to live with it. You can, and must, too.