I like Warly's activity log on the MDV development wiki. It's a good way to see a lot of the stuff that we're really doing. I thought it might be nice to do something in the same style, to give an idea of what I do all day long, so those of you who give us your money can see where it's going :). Don't know if I'll remember to keep it up, but anyway, here's the first one. Of course, I read the Club forums every day, so I don't note that :) Worked on layout and content for Mandriva Inside issue #2 (EDIT 2013: previously linked to drafts here, they have been lost) Published newsletter #117 and translations on the Club and sent to news sites Discussions with development team on issue with X.org update breaking ATI proprietary drivers Discussions re new default home page with dbarth and romain - my suggestion to include links to release notes and errata Proofread Kiosk flash email