First draft for community newsletter #118. Further Kiosk testing; working with Helio, identified the problem causing many packages not to be updated by the KDE and GNOME bundle installs (the requires in some KDE and GNOME packages were not version-specific enough to ensure the bundle installation caused already-installed packages to be updated to the available newer versions). Will test the fixes tomorrow. Passed on a user's suggestion of a free software philosophy page for Prompted by a post, mailed our GNOME guys to check we are using the GTK icon cache correctly. Posted to the Cooker mailing list to start a discussion about resolving the common IPv6-related network issues for 2007 in some way. Resurrected an old discussion with Warly and Vincent re 2006 community signature issues with a new suggestion (allow urpmi to read multiple signatures on a package). Mailed One development team to check on progress of revised One image (to fix non-booting-on-i586 issue). Slightly revised Inside business page draft. Also slightly revised One article page, not a public draft as it contains obvious text alignment issues I'll fix tomorrow.