In news that I can't quite figure out where to report, it's nice to note that we opened the /backports media for 2007 /main and /contrib today. (Also opened were /contrib/testing and /contrib/updates ). This means there's finally a simple way for packagers to build and users to get backported packages for stable releases, where the maintainers want to do them. Quite a lot of maintainers are interested in using this system, and I've already heard of plans to backport beryl, so this should be fun. We still need to sort out the rather messy tangle of overlapping repositories that can potentially be used for backports to stable releases (/backports, Kiosk, Club RPMs Farm, "Club software" urpmi media...did I miss any, kids?), we'll probably nuke some and draw clear demarcation lines between the rest, but for now /backports is basically open to all maintainers with the same restrictions as Cooker, and we're asking that no-one backport anything really big and important like KDE or Firefox for now, while we decide what the policy's going to be on that. Having /contrib/updates is also great news. Now if only someone would upload a package to it so the empty hdlist doesn't break edit-urpm-sources's Add... button anymore.