So a while back I wrote about audio: Just an update - everything is fixed. :) I just tested Rhythmbox, and with 0.9.8 (may have gone in earlier and I just didn't notice), on-the-fly transcoding and transfer to DAPs seems to work fine. I plugged in my phone, dragged a file from the library to it, and it was correctly (according to the HAL info) transcoded to MP3 and transferred to the right place on the device. And the patch to add this support to Banshee got merged in a recent version too. HAL finally merged my V360 / w800 patch too, so there's a little blow for more device support. Honestly - if we can get all the right info for DAPs, PMPs, audio phones etc into HAL, and get the word out, people are going to realize what a great little thing this is. It's just as nice as iTunes / iPod integration, and beats the pants off the way most other audio player makers do things. Great job by the HAL, rhythmbox and banshee guys. What with this and PulseAudio and gimmie, my desktop is rocking more than ever these days.