Didn't do so much actually productive work stuff today; more farming email, discussing and triaging 2007.1 bugs, and discussing release issues (fcrozat was mildly against gedit-root and kate-root being in 2007.1, I have outlined my reasons why I think he's wrong...). I did patch bittorrent-gui to download to ~/Desktop by default, though; previously it was trying to use ~/Desktop/Bittorrent Downloads, which a) doesn't really fit our policy and b) was failing every time on my system. Visited an old friend today. Back when I first knew him he wasn't really into computers, but probably through my influence he got interested, and he's now a full-blown hardware enthusiast. I've more or less lost touch with the high-end hardware and gaming scene in the last few years, since I stopped playing PC games and since even boring regular market hardware became way more than fast enough for my needs. So it was kinda cool to visit him and watch him play Battlefield II and Battlefield 2142 on his pretty high-end gaming rig; it's amazing to see how far the FPS gaming genre has come in terms of graphics, interface, design, and even odd stuff like usability since the days I was playing regularly. I couldn't resist throwing a 2007.1 RC1 One disc into his system to see how it handled it. Came up with everything working and the correct resolution on his 1440x900 monitor right from boot - very good. Except the sound doesn't work, because it's an X-Fi. Sigh. Damn Creative. My father appears to have been sold something of a pup when it comes to a wireless router. He has a Netgear WGT624. Ever since I came home, it's been dropping the internet connection periodically (quite frequently), requiring a router reboot. Google found several people suffering such issues, and the common diagnosis appears to be overheating. This would make sense, as it will be doing more work with two of us using the wireless than it previously was with just one. I think tomorrow we'll try upgrading the firmware and if that doesn't help I'll go out and get him a cheap dd-wrt supporting router.