Olivier Blin wrote a nice article on the 3D desktop features in Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring. After translation and some proofreading, I've posted it to the Club. Take a look if you want to know more about the features and how configuring them works. The bug project is progressing nicely: the bug policy has been refined following discussion with the development community and the internal development teams, and I've now written some extra documents, including a Bug Squad page and a triaging guide for bug squad members. I also revised the Bugzilla Howto page, which gives advice on filing bugs, to reflect the new policy. Some interesting packages: a Club forum member, fsckit, contributed a spec file for a text editor named Scribes. I cleaned it up a little and added the package to the contrib section: it's now available in Cooker /contrib and 2007 Spring /contrib/backports . The top vote-getter on the Club RPM forums was a QT4 slideshow creation tool called Manslide, which is also now packaged in Cooker contrib and 2007 Spring /contrib/backports .