So 2008 RC2 was pushed overnight, fortunately I got the Wiki pages up and ready in advance this time :). Quite a lot of changes since RC1, actually: we've included the latest ATI proprietary driver _only_ for Radeon HD cards, it should be auto-detected and configured just like the older ATI driver and the NVIDIA drivers, but we haven't really tested this very much. We've also added the new free driver, named radeonhd, though this isn't automatically used for any cards as it's still too new and I didn't want to mess about with that stuff any more. You can enable it from drakx11 though, and see if it works (on Radeon X1xxx and HD 2xxx cards). Also some important kernel changes and a big pile of bug fixes and stuff. Of course, over 500 bug fixes and 2,000 package uploads since RC1 makes the 'Release Candidate' moniker look slightly comical, but it has ever been thus with MDV :) I haven't quite managed to finish the package rebuild project in the end - I'm about halfway through the 2007.1 packages. But we got pretty close, which is nice. RC2 is rather more worthy of the RC description than RC1, though there'll probably still be quite a few changes between now and final. But it should work pretty well and represent the final product accurately in 99% of cases, so please do give it a shot. The One edition, again, isn't out yet, but Anne has super-double-200% guaranteed me that it's coming in a few hours, so I hope it does. One is easily the best way to test pre-releases, it's really annoying we didn't have One editions of the other pre-releases.