This is for anyone getting NOKEY errors trying to install packages from the online repositories for Mandriva Linux 2008. The problem was that the pubkey files, which contain the keys used to sign packages in each repository, were missing from the media_info directories in the 2008 tree, so when it was adding the repositories, Mandriva could not get the key for each repository. Since the repository seemed to have no key associated with it, but the packages were signed, when you tried to install any package, Mandriva would give you the NOKEY warning. This has been fixed on our master mirror around two hours before this post. I have checked several mirrors and found that at the time of writing this post, a couple of mirrors have synced up with the fix already, but most have not. Once all the mirrors sync up with the fix, the problem will not occur again for anyone adding repositories. However, if you have already set up your repositories, the problem will not be fixed automatically. You must remove your repositories using the repository configuration tool, which can be found in the Mandriva Control Center, or the urpmi.removemedia command line tool. You can then set the repositories up again (using the repository configuration tool, or urpmi.addmedia) and you should no longer see the errors. I will post a follow-up message when my checks indicate that most mirrors are synced up with the fix. We're sorry for the inconvenience.