Just a followup to my posts from a few months back about GTK+ WebKit stuff. I haven't actually checked in the other major distros, but I believe Mandriva 2008 may actually be the first to ship a Webkit-based GTK+ browser. It includes Midori 0.0.6, built against SVN revision 25144 of WebKit (WebKitGdk as the GTK+ port was called at release time, WebKitGtk as it's called now) - not the gtk-webcore port I was initially packaging, as that seems to have mostly fallen by the wayside now. Pascal Terjan has stepped up to package this incarnation of GTK+ WebKit and keep midori up to date, so thanks to him. As I wrote a few months back, Midori is missing a lot of the features you'd expect of a real mature browser application, but as far as just rendering normal web content goes, it's pretty advanced already, as you'd expect since WebKit is a mature toolkit. It's fun to play with. So if you're running 2008 and want to look at the future of GTK+ web browsing, set up your contrib repository and install the midori package. On a side note, this site will be down for a bit - I'm upgrading the machine that runs its VM to 2008. Edit: okay, the VM host machine is updated to 2008 and now running VMware Server (rather than Player as before) - damn nice piece of software, I must say. Tomorrow I will tackle updating the mail and web server VMs themselves to 2008, so expect more downtime. This upgrade went nice and smooth once I swapped out the DVD drive in the machine for one that actually works. Moral of the story - never buy a Lite-ON DVD drive. I've bought three and they've all died within 18 months.