okay, so we're all about the shiny new 2008, but I know there's those of you out there who are perfectly happy with 2007 Spring thankyouverymuch and won't be upgrading till it goes out of maintenance. So if you're in this group but you'd like the latest proprietary NVIDIA or ATI driver for your card, never fear - Anssi Hannula has come to your rescue. He's backported the NVIDIA 100.14.19 and ATI 8.40.4 driver versions to 2007 Spring, in the /non-free/backports repository (yeah, see, and you thought we were never gonna use it ;>). You'll find ati, dkms-ati, ati-control-center, nvidia97xx and dkms-nvidia97xx packages there. I have also backported the latest ATI and NVIDIA device IDs in ldetect-lst and released ldetect-lst- to /main/backports , so if you install that package too, NVIDIA and ATI cards released since 2007 Spring came out will be automatically detected and configured to use the new drivers by the Mandriva graphics card configuration tool.