So there's been some more reviews of 2008... Here's one! Here's another! Here's another! And here's one more! All pretty nice reviews so far, which is great. As for Cooker, it now has the new beta 3 of KDE 4, mostly. We are looking at backporting it to 2008, but this has some problems which would need to be worked around. Personally I spent half of yesterday updating our mc package to the latest CVS snapshot (most other distros now carry a CVS snapshot rather than 4.6.1) and updating the entire patch set. That got a bunch of cruft out and should have made the package a lot better, but if it broke anything, feel free to whine. :) Also, for anyone who's read about the upcoming Club changes and is wondering when their paid Club account will be converted to a Powerpack subscription account and extended (for Silver members) - I've been told this conversion will be done at the end of October.