Still playing Super Mario Galaxy and enjoying the hell out of it. I'm up around 90 stars now and still working through the final hub. I just 'unlocked' the red stars in the hub world but I'm not sure if they're supposed to be added as extra stages in some galaxies yet, or what (it's obvious there's 6 stars in most galaxies but I've only gotten 5 in them all so far, not sure if I'm just missing some hidden ones or if there's some kinda 'trigger' point where extra quests show up). I'm trying to get all the stars without any outside help so please don't post comments :) Misc. Mandriva stuff: the backport of ATI driver 8.42.3 to 2008.0 is complete, see this forum post for details and instructions. radeonhd 1.0.0 came out too, I'm just uploading it to Cooker and will push it to 2008.0 /backports soon. We made a bit of a booboo with the latest official kernel update ( The external kernel modules - stuff like ATI and NVIDIA drivers, VirtualBox modules and so on - were not rebuilt for the new kernel and issued as updates at the same time as the kernel update, as they should be (and were for the previous update, So people who got this update as soon as it came out didn't get their external drivers updated, and if they reboot into the new kernel, will have troubles (e.g. ATI / NVIDIA driver not working, VirtualBox not working, wireless not working). If you find yourself in this situation, first run MandrivaUpdate again and see if the appropriate update shows up - the packages have now been issued, so it should. If not, look for it manually in rpmdrake. If it's ATI or NVIDIA at issue, you'll also have to re-run drakx11 and re-select your card to let Mandriva re-configure the driver, as it will have fallen back to a free driver for now. If you're still having trouble after following this procedure, post in the forums or contact me directly and we'll get you sorted out. The kernel and security teams are working together to ensure this does not happen again with any future kernel updates. Edit - if your networking was broken by the update, reboot and pick an older kernel - or - at the boot menu. These ones should still work without trouble and you can sort out the issues with the new kernel from there. We released two new builds of 2008 One with extra translations. See the official download page for details. On a personal note, David Barth is leaving Mandriva. I know some of the stuff he's done or been involved with internally may have been controversial, but personally I think all the changes he's introduced (that I know about) have been very positive and often necessary; stuff like the revisions to the Club system and improvements to the release process have had a great positive impact on the distro and the company. I've also enjoyed working with him at a personal level. So I'm sorry to see him go and wish him all the luck in the world in whatever he decides to take on next :)