So tonight I've basically switched my main desktop to Fedora. I have dual Cooker and Fedora 10 installs, now, but I plan to stick with Fedora as much as I can. It was pretty easy, really - only took about two hours to make it pretty much identical to my usual desktop. Linux is Linux, after all. It's a bit odd needing a third party repository to get my graphics card and wireless working, but it works perfectly well. I suppose the oddest thing, to me, is that it seems more or less impossible to run Rawhide as a main system - it's not a constant rolling distro exactly (it gets updated in a big clump, one time a day) and it isn't really developed in such a way as to be usually usable, it seems. I dunno if I'm wrong here, but that's the impression I'm getting. I get the idea that even Fedora developers mostly only run Rawhide once a release goes into its alpha / beta / RC cycle. Maybe I'll try to get a working install of it going in a VirtualBox or something. It's also a bit strange not having the Mandriva tools available for things like remote shares and bootloader configuration... I was planning to do some testing on issues with nv / nouveau on my particular card for Red Hat's new NVIDIA guy, but didn't get around to it in the end. Hope I will tomorrow. Oh, and I helped Jerome Soyer out with a little gotcha in updating slrn to the latest release, in Cooker.