So, I ordered my Vaio P from the local Sony Store rather than directly from Sony. Good choice - I got to pick it up from the store today, I don't think any of the direct orders have arrived yet. It's amazing. A lot of people consider it overpriced compared to 'normal' netbooks, but it really is a different story - the size, weight, build quality and the screen are on a different level. Here's some fairly crappy pictures (my years old camera doesn't like focussing properly without flash). The comparison shots are with my partner's Aspire One - as you can see, the Vaio is a lot smaller and a lot thinner. It also weighs a *lot* less. vaiop_1 vaiop_2 vaiop_3 vaiop_4 vaiop_5 vaiop_6 vaiop_7 Hopefully I'll have a picture of it up and running Linux soon!