Well, time to start posting here about what I'm actually doing for Fedora! There's a ton of stuff on my to-do list and lots of interesting discussions and ideas I'd like to write down, but I'll try and stick to one thing at a time. One project we're doing quite well with is revising the Fedora QA Wiki space. That link points to the current incarnation of the front page, which is...well, not as great as we'd like it to be. :) So I've started a project on the fedora-test-list mailing list to revise it. With the help of some great people from the existing QA community, we now have some good drafts for the front page and a new 'how to join in' page: my draft, Jóhann's draft. For me, a Wiki area like this is of huge importance for driving increased involvement in a project: it's the public face of the project, the place people go to find out what it actually does for them and whether they might want to help out. So it needs to be simple, readable and attractive.