Had another of those "oh, dear, what WERE they thinking?" moments the other day. Walking back into my building I noticed a car parked up outside (probably a visitor as I'd never seen it before, I would've remembered...). Typical Vancouver ricer car - TRD (Toyota Racing Development) decals, bucket seats, custom muffler, all that stuff. Except the poor kid obviously hadn't really had enough money to go with the car of his (almost certainly his) dreams...seeing as how it was an Echo, the name under which the Yaris was sold in Canada for a couple of years. Forget a Celica or Supra or something, you couldn't even manage a frickin' Corolla? Come on, man. Great game by the Canucks today, it's getting to the point where I can actually watch games without needing something to cringe and hide behind again. Well, hope that hasn't jinxed things.