Spent large chunks of today and yesterday trawling through the intel, nouveau and radeon bug lists to do some triage and try and get a feel for where we are for the F11 release. Now my eyes are somewhat glazed! My current feeling is that radeon has a pretty long list, but comparatively few really critical issues - not many of them are "helpzorz i is looking at a black screen". nouveau's list is surprisingly short - I'm feeling like it's in really good shape, and Ben's just a superhero for the speed he's working (dynamic framebuffer allocation showed up this morning...dude's nuts). There are six or seven "X just don't start" bugs, though - need to keep a close eye on those and make sure they're handled somehow before release. intel's sort of somewhere in the middle - it has a middlingly long list of bugs with a real grab-bag of serious and trivial. I'm mostly worried about several fairly serious issues with the oldest chipsets, i8xx - will be keeping an eye on those as well. But in general, I think we should be able to have a pretty solid release from an X.org perspective. Now I'm off to relax, play some tennis and prepare for game 2 evening, yay.