Time for another Test Day update! Today is Sectool Test Day in Freenode #fedora-test-day. Sectool is an intrusion detection / security audit tool. Today's usually the Fit and Finish Test Day, but FnF have kindly donated their slot this week. It's easy to help out and test Sectool on any Fedora 11 or Rawhide system, so please come along and run a few tests! Thursday will be Sugar on a Stick Test Day. Sugar on a Stick is a Fedora-based live distribution designed to let you run the Sugar desktop environment on any system from a USB key. Sugar is the revolutionary desktop environment initially designed for the One Laptop Per Child project - if you've ever seen one of the cute little OLPC XO systems, that's the desktop it was running. This Test Day is being organized by the Sugar folks. Please come out on Thursday and help them test out the project! It will of course be very easy to test, since it's designed to be a live distribution: you just download the SoaS v2 Beta release and run the tests that will be listed on the Test Day page. No need to change your installed systems at all. Again, the Test Day runs in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC, all day long. It's also worth taking a sneak preview: next week will be Graphics Card Test Week. We'll be testing ATI cards on Wednesday 2009-09-09, NVIDIA cards on Thursday 2009-09-10, and Intel cards on Friday 2009-09-11. I don't have the Test Day pages up yet, but they will be soon. Mark it in your calendar! There's also an awesome new project I wanted to draw attention to: Boog, which has been kicked off by Kushal Das and Rahul Sundaram. It's a bug reporting client, intended to simplify the process of reporting bugs in Fedora. It will help to identify your Fedora release and the versions of any related packages, and also includes some types of commonly required information. It's great to see Kushal took advantage of the bug information pages we in QA have been working on lately for this. I didn't immediately see a link to where you can get a hold of Boog yet, but as soon as I do I'll definitely try it out and everyone else should too. For myself, I spent a bit of time yesterday updating my libva and mplayer-vaapi packages (in my poulsbo repository) with the latest changes from Gwenole. I briefly looked into building a VAAPI-enabled vlc package also, but it appears to be very full of pain, so I skipped out on that. If anyone else feels like doing it, please go ahead :)