So, this is insane: Spring on Nouveau That's Spring. What's Spring? Well, it's a fairly neat open source RTS framework that started out as a Total Annihilation clone, but more to the point, it's a pretty complex 3D game. What's cool about the picture? Well, it's in the renderer info in the console (which you probably can't quite make out, never mind). Yup, that's Spring...running on Nouveau! Huge kudos to the whole nouveau team for this. Nouveau's 3D support recently became available in Rawhide / Fedora 13 with an update to the mesa-dri-drivers-experimental package. I was impressed when it ran Compiz, really impressed when it ran Neverball and Foobillard, but running Spring is nuts. Doesn't seem to manage gnome-shell yet, but I'm sure they can fix that. I admit I never expected to see things working like that in such a time frame. Obviously it's heavily hardware dependent, it doesn't run super-fast (looked like about 20-25fps, just by eyeballing it, on my 9400 GT) and I haven't stressed it much yet so it may be crashy, but still, that's incredible stuff. edit: it also runs Quake 3. Quake fricking 3!