QA's contribution to this year's outbreak of April Fool's japery is the hilarious announcement that Fedora 13 Beta will be delayed by a week. No, wait - it's not a joke, it's sad, soul-crushing reality! Wasn't that fun? Unfortunately we were behind the curve with the generation of candidate builds throughout the Beta cycle (the Test Compose and first release candidate were both several days late) and so did not manage to identify all blocker issues in time for them to be properly resolved and all the validation tests successfully run. We're left with at least one known release criteria-breaking issue - a bug preventing unlocking of encrypted partitions when booting in text mode - and a Giant Void O' Uncertainty where we haven't completed the installation and desktop validation tests, so we can't say with confidence there are no other blocker issues lurking. So today's go/no-go meeting made the relatively easy decision to slip the Beta - and, now, the final release - by one week. We're sorry for the delay, which could possibly have been avoided with a harder effort, but we'll do our best to make sure the Beta does go out according to the new schedule, and that it meets all quality expectations. In other news, tomorrow (apologies for the short notice!) is ABRT Test Day. Excuse the WikiMess, we're still working on the page and the test cases, but they should be fully finished in time for the event (well, in favourable time zones!) ABRT is every user's favourite, and every developer's least favourite, Fedora 12 feature - it's the tool that makes it dead easy to file an automated bug report when some application crashes. For Fedora 13 we'd like to make sure all the enhancements since the last Test Day are working correctly, and check that all the basics are still working right as well. You don't need any special equipment to take part in this Test Day, so please do come along and help out! The event runs all day on Thursday 2010-04-01 (there's that date again...) in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC.