This is quite a quiet time for QA as we're just sitting around waiting for F13 to come out and writing up some documentation, so I took the opportunity to work on my packaging stuff. I've sent a new navit build to the review request bug, so that may _finally_ make it into the repos soon. On my private repos, some good news, some bad. The good news - I've updated the video-experimental repo with the latest builds of libva, vdpau-video and mplayer-accelerated. I've also added the shiny new gstreamer-vaapi. Unfortunately that doesn't work on my current test system (a laptop with NVIDIA graphics, the proprietary driver, and vdpau-video); mplayer-accelerated works just fine in that setup, but Totem barfs when I try and play any video. I'll be in touch with Gwenole to see what he thinks about that. It'd be interesting to hear from anyone else who's playing with these packages whether gstreamer-vaapi works; all you have to do to test it is install it and then try and play a video in totem. The bad news is on the Poulsbo front. I decided to just say 'screw it', updated the Vaio P to Fedora 13, and tried it out with psb, with Olivier's patches from Mandriva. Unfortunately, it don't work. The kernel module loads okay, X starts up, it loads and then X just stops. The system's up, hitting power gives a clean shutdown, but the screen is blank and can't see even the virtual consoles any more. I'll try and figure out what the problem is, but it's looking tricky at the moment. Since I jumped straight to F13 I actually didn't get a chance to test F12, so I don't know whether that works! It's a bit tricky to set it up so I can test, but if I get the free time I might try.