Meanwhile, in travel news... Next weekend, 2011-07-23 and 2011-07-24, I shall be in Portland at the Community Leadership Summit, where I'm hoping to give my talk on lessons learned in Fedora QA (I say 'hoping to' because it's an unconference; if no-one wants to listen to my talk I'll go to someone else's!) The attendee list looks interesting and it'll be good to catch up with Jono again. In August - 2011-08-17 to 2011-08-19 - I'll be at Linuxcon. This won't actually involve travel, because Linuxcon is happening in Vancouver this year. I wasn't planning to go at first because I couldn't really justify the expensive registration, but I've managed to dodge around that thanks to Sri offering me a guest star spot in his talk on GNOME 3. We'll be presenting to a room half-full of gently snoring attendees in the very last slot on Friday afternoon - join us there and catch up on your sleep! There's a pitch for you. Do drop me a line if you know me and you'll be in town for Linuxcon - I'll try and find some neat places to go for lunch and dinner (on nights when there aren't swanky conference dinners, that is). Vancouver's a great city, and it's beautiful here in August.