I decided to make the F17 jump early here Chez AdamW, and just for laughs, I hereby present the following Stupid Fedora Trick: Neverball in Shell in a VM, oh my That's Neverball, running inside GNOME Shell, running in a Fedora 17 VM, on a Fedora 17 host. Unstable enough for ya?! Impressively, it's just about playable, though the graphics are bit messed up, there's some flickering that shouldn't happen. Looks like about 8fps. This is using the current F17 kernel rebuilt with debugging disabled on both guest and host - it's a lot slower with the 'stock' F17 kernel, as that has debugging enabled. F17 more or less works at the moment, probably because no-one's changed much vs. F16, though PolicyKit seems to be broken; I'm looking into that.