Hello, CNNs, CBCs, BBCs and so forth of the world! I am visiting your web site through a web browser. Its primary interface is text. I am doing this because I wish to read things. I do not wish to see fifteen interesting headlines linked from your front page, all of which turn out to be videos. In the time it takes your ridiculous Flash-based video player to load up - never mind for the stupid intro sequence to play, or the possible pre-segment advertising, and double-never-mind the story itself - I could have skimmed the text of the story and moved on. Video is a hideously inefficient method of transferring information that's basically textual. I don't have time to wait for it. I came to you using a primarily textual form of communication because I wanted to read text. If you must offer videos for the damn Youtube generation, who need to get off my lawn already, so be it. But please at least provide a text version of the story underneath the stupid video player, so I can learn about the story in ten seconds and move on, rather than having to wait two minutes for some ass in a bad suit to tell me about it. Thank you!