We have more Test Days for your delight and delectation this week, starting with the KDE 4.8 Test Day tomorrow (or today, depending on the TIME IN YOUR REGION), Tuesday 2012-04-10. It's the KDE team's first time running a Test Day, so please be gentle! It looks like they have most of the tests ready, and live images are ready for downloading on the page, so please read the instructions on the page and join us in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC to take part in the event. Of course, if you're not sure how to use IRC, you can read these instructions or use WebIRC. On Thursday 2012-04-12 we have Virtualization Test Day, which has been running for a few cycles now so should be purring like a well-oiled machine. Or something. They'll be following a freeform testing approach focusing on the new virtualization features in Fedora 17 - see the areas to test section of the page for details - so it's particularly important to join #fedora-test-day to get involved with this event. To participate fully, you'll want a system you can install Fedora 17 onto to test out its capabilities as a host, but you can do some testing with a Fedora 16 or Fedora 15 host machine and Fedora 17 as a guest. Something I haven't touched on for a bit here is the Fedora 17 Beta - unfortunately we couldn't continue the Alpha record of not slipping, and we've actually slipped two weeks so far. A pretty major change landed in anaconda between Beta TC1 and Beta TC2, and since then we've been running around mopping up blockers. We're up to RC3, which was fully tested and found to contain only two blockers, both of which are fixed for the pending RC4, so that one should be ready to ship. Beta RC4 should be coming tonight or early tomorrow morning.