So I just saw this post in the planet Fedora feed, and by the time-honoured romance language trick of 'all the words probably mean something a bit like a similar word in one of the other languages' decided it was probably interesting. So I fed it to Google Translate, and got a perfectly decent and intelligible translation of the original, with only one or two obviously awkward translations and a single missed word. This is one of those things you can do and not think much about it, and then you think, holy crap, a computer just translated entirely unknown human writing for me, from one messy, sloppy human language to another messy, sloppy human language. And I could read it. A computer did that. That's pretty nuts. And all it takes is a giant international evil tentacle farm (that's Google), a mind-boggling amount of slurped data for the computer to learn from, and some pretty smart engineering boffins living off whatever organic mulch they're serving in the Google cafeterias this week. *boggle*