The main Fedora 19 Test Day cycle wrapped up a few weeks back, but we've had a special request from the FreeIPA team to run a test day for some improvements to Fedora 19's FreeIPA implementation - so we're doing it! Tomorrow, Wednesday 2013-07-25, we'll be testing a couple of new features that the team is hoping to add to Fedora 19's FreeIPA. If you're using Active Directory via FreeIPA on Fedora 19 you may well be interested in coming along and helping out with the testing. All the relevant information and instructions are on the wiki page, and we'll be in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC for discussion and any help you need in testing or debugging. If you're not sure what IRC is or how to use it, we have instructions here, and you can also simply click here to join the chat through a Web front end.