Yes, the time is nearly upon us: next week will be Fedora 20 Graphics Test Week! We're still working on the test day pages, but it's all in hand. Tuesday 2013-10-22 will be Intel, Wednesday 2013-10-23 will be Radeon, and Thursday 2013-10-24 will be NVIDIA. Most excitingly for most people, we're aiming to include a Wayland Test Day that will be on Friday, 2013-10-25. Most excitingly for sad test monkeys like me, we'll be using Josef Skladanka's test day result app to track the results - no more tedious hand editing of mediawiki tables! Handling test results has been a sort of ongoing problem for Fedora QA for a while now. For package validation we have Bodhi (which has its own little foibles...); for our other major workflows, Test Days and release validation, we rely on the wiki as an ad hoc 'TCMS' (test case management system), both for storing test cases themselves and for tracking results. We have looked at various ways of replacing it several times over the years, but looked at on that scale, it's a major project. The test day result app is neat because it just de-couples one little part of the problem: it only handles test results (the test cases are still wiki pages), and it only handles them for Test Days (it is not designed to handle release validation). That sounds limited, but it means we were able to actually get something written quite quickly that is light and fit for purpose. It's very easy to set up an event within the app for any given Test Day - the process is explained here - and it's pretty easy to file reports in, much easier than the fussy and error-prone process of editing the Test Day wiki page directly. We've used it for a few Test Days already, and at this week's QA meeting we agreed to make it the 'official' method for reporting Test Day results going forward - we expect most Test Days will use the system from now on. We hope you find it an improvement! I'll write another post with more details on the Graphics Test Days themselves soon, once we have everything lined up and ready to go - but for now, mark your calendars!