For anyone who - inexplicably - hasn't already had it in their social calendar in pink sharpie for months, I will be at 2019 this weekend, at FIT VUT in Brno. I'll be doing two talks: Things Fedora QA Robots Do on Friday at 3pm (which is basically a brain dump about the pile of little fedmsg consumers that do quite important jobs that probably no-one knows about but me), and Don't Move That Fence 'Til You Know Why It's There on Saturday at 11am, which is a less QA-specific talk that's about how I reckon you ought to go about changing code. The slides for both talks are up now, if you want a sneak preview (though if you do, you're disqualified from the audience participation section of the "fence" talk!) Do come by to the talks, if you're around and there's nothing more interesting in that timeslot. Otherwise feel free to buttonhole me around the conference any time.