2008 Spring development update

The first major milestone of 2008 Spring development arrived today: the 2008 Spring area of the Wiki was created. The top page is here. More interestingly, the development page – including the tentative release schedule – was added. You will also find the general and detailed technical specifications pages, listing the planned features for this release. Highlights include PulseAudio (as previously posted about), a switch to the fork of RPM that SUSE and Fedora are using, a parental control tool, mail import support for the Windows migration tool introduced in 2008, and automatic repository configuration via geoip.

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  1. DoK
    DoK December 7, 2007 at 4:12 am | | Reply

    why mandriva is going back to rpm 4.4.2 ?
    I can’t recall the discussion about it on cooker and 4.4.8 seem to be fine and on the right way.

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