Heading to FUDCon Lawrence

Along with half the rest of the FedoraVerse, I’m heading to FUDCon Lawrence…in about six hours, in fact. Zoiks. I have vague plans to do a barcamp talk on the new Anaconda and a hackfest on i18n stuff, though that may well change. I have much more definite plans to drink, bowl and play poker, very likely in that order. See you all there!

edit: Note – if, at FUDCon, I keep calling you ‘man’, this is because I have forgotten who you are. If you find yourself in this situation, we can go one of two ways. Feel free to discreetly remind me who you are yourself. Otherwise, I will wait until I hear someone else call you by your name. Either way, once I’ve been reminded who you are, I will call you by your name loudly and enthusiastically at every possible opportunity for the rest of the weekend. This is both to foster the illusion that I knew who you were all along, and – with any luck – to ensure that I at least don’t forget who you are again for the rest of the weekend.

The more you know!

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