poked and prodded…

Fun day today – had my medical examination for my immigration (to Canada) application, which was just a barrel of laughs. Poked, prodded, grabbed, radiated, stuck with needles and urinalyzed, and charged a nice round $300 or so for the pleasure. Who knew a day off work could be THIS much fun? I’ve never had any real sort of medical checkup before – am now mildly paranoid that they will find some sort of hideous incurable disease of which I was previously blissfully unaware. Only got to wait until Friday to find out, hoo-rah.

Spent the morning getting the actual form needed by the immigration department printed, and passport photos taken – the appointment was at 10 a.m., but doing this the day before would be _way_ too organised for your humble writer. As a consequence, woke up very early and had no breakfast. Doing this the same day I had my first blood test ever was a really dumb idea in retrospect, and I nearly passed out after they sucked my blood, but came around again quickly. Awarded myself a large slab of chocolate fudge pudding when I got home – got to get those blood sugar levels back up again, after all.

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  1. Adriano
    Adriano April 9, 2005 at 11:06 pm | | Reply

    I thought you weren’t supposed to eat anything before having blood taken. Well, must be for some examinations only. Anyway, I remember passing out frequently when I had blood extracted. Lying down and not looking at the needle worked, though.

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